I really hope that this blog will keep me from trading during work as I don’t have access to any tools or properly updated live scores ) At least I’ll be able to release my frustration of not being able to trade by unleashing a few posts on my unsuspecting readers.

Man, the following weekend will be tough! All the Olympic Tennis matches are broadcasted in the night, and that’ll make my life quite miserable. Oh well, at least there are plenty of matches to choose from (64!).

Just for your information, I will be using €40 stakes unless otherwise noted, since I have recently “graduated” from €20 ones 🙂 However, I might use smaller stakes due to the sheer amount of matches during the O.

My main goal for the Olympics is to trade reasonably conservatively so as to increase my bank in anticipation of the US Open. I really can’t wait for that one!


Oh, yeah, and please keep in mind that I am an aspiring trader and as such you should take care if you decide to follow any “advice” that I might pass out 🙂


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  1. good idea..thanks

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